Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects can be posted in an account?
Students can have as many projects active at one time as they would like! Each project is able to have as many images uploaded as needed for the discussion; However only 6 images can be uploaded at a time. We encourage students to update images within their projects as they progress design, to keep the conversations going! Any new upload of images moves that project to the recent projects, thus putting you on the homepage!

Are there any membership fees to ArCRITecture?
Our goal is for student accounts to ALWAYS be FREE! Currently, all accounts are free on the site. (We are working behind the scenes to develop ways to provide CEUs in the future for critiquing, for professional accounts; check back for updates!)

Can I host a design competition with ArCRITecture’s platform?
Yes! We are always looking for collaborative opportunities. If any interest in hosting a design competition, feel free to reach out via the Contact Us page!

Can I advertise my firm or group on ArCRITecture?
Yes! In order to keep the site devoted to students, advertising is limited on the site to allow the emphasis to be on the projects, dialogue, and critiques! Please feel free to reach out to learn more about specific advertising opportunities!

Can we advertise our AIAS chapter on ArCRITecture?
Yes! One of main driving forces of the site, is to encourage conversations within the community. We are working on developing a new sector to the site, so keep an eye out on the site!

Can we advertise our University on ArCRITecture?
As of now, our advertising locations are limited but we are always seeking new ways to improve our site and better it for the user! Please feel free to reach out via the Contact Us Page, as we are always open to hearing new ideas!

Can we advertise job opportunities on ArCRITecture?
Job listing are an important part of the field, so stay tuned to what we have in store to offer a job posting forum!

How can I be involved with ArCRITecture aside from posting work & critiques?
We are always looking for young, driven students to be a part of our campus leaders campaign! Feel free to reach out via the Contact Us page, to learn more! We will be posting updates to social media and emailing existing users as we develop our campaign!