Library Addition - University of Mexico City (UNAM) Mexico City, Mexico. Advanced Studio - L. Carranza - Fall 2009

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Project Image


The UNAM library in Mexico city houseshundreds of thousands of books, butthey need more room. This project drawsthe students from a broad and largecampus into an intricate and uniquelibrary experience. It allows them manyopportunities to socially interact, learn,and grow to become better individuals.This massive extension adds more than 6times the space of the original library.It not only adds storage space for morebooks, but it allows the students tostudy and read within private elevatedrooms hovering above the books belowthem.The existing landscaping grid aboveallows opportunities for large skylightsand light wells to let in plenty ofnatural light.This project was created and drawnby hand, and with no digital computerprograms or CAD software.


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