King Park- Response to Sea Level Rise

Posted by Dustin Powell under Landscape - Parks
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Project Image
Project Image


"Newport, RI: The King and Spencer park systems are currently being deteriorated from the effects of sea level rise. The design attempts to slow these effects with features such as rain gardens, artificial islands, and vegetated shorelines. These systems also help to rejoin the two parks as they are currently bisected by the road. The ribbon of rain gardens moving through both sites create a visual continuity between the two spaces. Additionally the vegetated road buffers provide safe pedestrian access by slowing the traffic in the area."


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The presentation is awesome! I love the organization of the first board - it really envelops you into the project! The renderings look great - but a helpful hint....add shadows to people in renderings. It helps to ground the person and really helps to make them feel as if they're a part of the image.
by Rich Lauger