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"site: Race Street Pier/Spring 2011/Professor S. Patel From Prfessor Sneha Patel's ""the Weather Archive Sudio"". Weather Phenomenon : Clouds The project is Cretum Tersus Pier 11 - loosely translated as "" To grow clean"". The idea behind the design is to use the pier as a nursery that would grow an aquatic plant that has a natural ability to remove pollutants from and cleanse the river. The plants, ( i believe i chose the water hyacinth, which is an invasive species) needed to be contained and controlled. So by using abandoned boat hulls as planters with a permeable bottom, the plants could cleanse the water once the hulls were deployed. To control the spread of the hyacinth the boats can elevate themsleves out of the water using a lever jacking system which tracks time by the incoming and outgoing tides as the metronome and after a two month cycle or 2 lunar cycles the boats and plants would be burned. The timeline of growing and cleaning coincides with the lunar timeline in which the process of launching new boats and burning of the old ones would become an event in itself attracting people to the pier to view the spectacle. "


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Two things, I like the rhythmic pattern of the triangle-shaped piece as it wraps the pier and the posts; however I am concerned with the boat on fire in the back? Any reason for it?!
by Joe Gallagher