Alternative means - Composting Manhattan

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This project proposes a new waste management system for the residentsof Manhattan. In conjunction with paper, metal and plastics, organic wastewould also be collected and brought to this facility. Through the systemsand technicalities of composting and drying, new soil is then moved to publicgardens that are located on the roof of the facility. Here, the gardens act asa social buffer and provide intricate sectional experiences for the users.This system gives the citizens of Manhattan a place to grow vegetables, herbs,flowers, or plants, and allows people to socialize, interact, and share ideas.This project would, in turn, improve the quality of living for the residentsinvolved. Any extra soil would also be available for people to take off sitefor private gardens and potted plants.This project reduces 60% of the total waste that would be transferredfrom Manhattan to New Jersey. In conjunction with keeping waste out ofthe landfill, it gives back to the community and allows the community to beinvolved with the handling of their organic household waste.Program also includes a small gallery to exhibit the sustainable aspects ofthe project, a cafe, and a small gift shop. A water reclamation and artificialwetland area the size of an entire block exists on site and treats run-off fromthe adjacent highway and run-off from the building itself.Drawings were created with inspiration from Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis.


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Hey Matt the concept seems very interesting, especially when reading that currently a water reclamation area exists on the site. My question would be with regards to rising waters surrounding the proposed location. Did you consider potentials for how this project could survive 30-40 years from now if/when the water table has risen? Interested in hearing your thoughts, hope all is well!
by Joe Gallagher