Undulating Louver System

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"This project used the algorithmic modeling plugin Grasshopper for Rhino to develop an undulating louver system. The idea was to create a building skin that would allow for different levels of daylight throughout the building based on the interior program. This was achieved through the Grasshopper plugin by writing a script to first create a series of louvers, then manipulating the louver depth, and finally manipulating the angle of the louvers to create more or less shade depending on the interior requirements of the various spaces. An image of the Grasshopper script is shown as well as a description of each portion of the script and its function. Images of the final louver system and a smaller study showing the effects of the Grasshopper algorithm are shown."


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The undulation pattern in the facade is pretty neat; do the undulations occur at various programmatic elements on the inside of the space? I think the relationship between the interior and the undulations on the exterior could lead to a very interesting concept! Is the building location important, or was the study focused solely on the louvers?
by Joe Gallagher