Nicetown-Tioga Community Center

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Project Image


"Community and recreation center, Philadelphia, PA This building is set in a post-industrial setting, with steel construction and ceramic tile veneer. It experiments with pushing the structure of the exterior walls outside of the wall assembly, giving the building an ""exoskeleton"" that expresses parts of the program differently. The two wings of the building converge to form the entrance lobby, which is a ""lantern"" in the evening."


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What inspired the glass box at the end?!
by Joe Gallagher

Nice Project, I would have liked to see some scaled figures in the elevations and the night rendering, and maybe another image or two of the building at night to show the "lantern" that is produced. Even if just adding an effect to really create an ambiance coming from the lobby at night because in the one night render it looks brighter but not by much to get the effect. Over all though great job
by Chris Kelusak