Boundary Lane Recreational Campus proposal for St. Michaels, MD

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I am proposing a Recreational facility for the community of St. Michaels, MD. I have chosen a very large site in the southwest portion of the town to locate the building, primarily due to the sites access to the waterfront of the San Domingo Creek. There is little to no public access to the waterfront currently in St. Michaels, and this site would give that back to the town as well as people from neighboring communities. The program is very simple: Gymnasium, locker rooms, weights and exercise spaces, and a lobby. It is to be tucked up close to the trees, allowing for views from the basketball court both into the woods and down to the water. It is to create a unique opportunity to go from trees to building to field to water, with the building not creating any break in the views from the woods to the fields to the water. I would like some critique on the positioning of the building as well as the secondary boat pavilion and both of their accesses to the water as well as maybe ideas about the paths relationship to the buildings. Thanks!


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