Saint Michaels YMCA Recreation Center

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Project Image
Project Image


This is a long, linear building with three main program elements; a gymnasium, a pool and a fitness center. The bays' varying heights and the canopy morph to narrate a progression along a landscaped nature trail towards the waterfront.


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Hello! Even though there is no detailed information about this project, it seems successful as conceptual rendering. I would strongly recommend to detail certain function zones of your project (the key functions). Regards!
by Imir Boriçi

Hey you should photoshop in the actual view outside the window, would be an awesome render!
by Joe Gallagher

I used Revit Mental Ray and touch up in Photoshop.
by Tyler Cooney

This rendering looks great Tyler, great job what did you use to capture the essence of this lovely view?
by Joe Gallagher