Bluprint Avid Philippine Natinal pavilion Competition

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"There was a time when the capital of the Philippines was Quezon City. It was to be at the center of worldwide attention with an inauguration in 1946 in celebration of its granting of independence. To celebrate the Philippines' entry into the world of free nations a World's Fair and Exposition was planned in the site where the SM North Edsa complex stands today. That exposition was planned by the American architectural consultants led by Harry Frost with a number of Filipino architects in 1941. The exposition was never built but Quezon City eventually became the biggest city in Metro Manila. This year, BluPrint magazine; the country's design sourcebook, and SM Inc; the country's largest retail industry teams up to broach the idea of having a national pavilion for a future world's fair at the heart of Quezon City. This is the Annual Visionary Design Competition (AViD 2011). The competition is open to three categories namely: a) Members of the United Architects of the Philippines; b) Students of Architecture and the allied disciplines (ie. Fine Arts, Interior Design, et al) c) The General Public (of all ages and nationalities) KATRINA ELPOS, CHRISTIAN PANOPIO, TERESA GABAGAT, KENNETH CYRIL LOMRES AND RIKO ESQUEVEL"


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Conceptually I really enjoy this project, I think it is easy to relate the pearl or this hidden gem within the shell idea. My critique of the project would primarily come in how you present to the viewers the layout of this 'pearl space' itself. Color coordination may be a good direction to go for the isometric view you have, yet it shows the same information as the floor plan right next to it. I would explore other ways to break down the different aspects of the program in that conceptual floor plan iso, so that the 'pearl space' or hidden special place is more pronounced. The renderings are beautiful!
by Joe Gallagher