Community Center for Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA

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Project Image


"Still in the early stages of this project, trying to come up with a Proof of Concept using Cymatics. Cymatics is the visual manifestation of sound. I have been researching Cymatics and different theories and practices and have decided to explore the idea of using the frequency of sounds on the site currently, as well as predicted sounds due to constructing on neighboring sites to create a trans-formative building that over time can be re organized to achieve optimal sound management on the site. I have been tinkering with the idea of the pier typology to go alone with this project as an organizational element that links the site with the bay as well. I promise to update throughout that semester on different works. For now, here is an image from the concept review."


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This seems to be a great introduction into what should become a very interesting project. I am interested to see what functionality the building itself will serve aside from this proposed 'buffer' zone (for lack of better terminology) that provides a transition between man-made noise, and the sounds of nature. What program are you proposing for the project?
by Joe Gallagher