A Proposed Philippine Motion Pictures Theme Park Complex

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"Foreign films and TV shows have been dominating the Philippine theatres and televisions ever since time immemorial. Hollywood films were always a blockbuster hit and Asianovelas always have the highest ratings. Filipinos choose to watch these imported motion pictures instead of patronizing the Philippine Motion Picture industry. Because of colonial mentality, it seems that our own industry of motion picture has been disregarded, or worst to say, not even recognized by the Filipinos. Another point to ponder is the tourism of the Philippines. We offer a lot of beautiful tourist attractions here in the Philippines, however they are still not enough to boost our tourism rate. Our tourism is improving, but we can still do more about it. All we need is a tourist attraction that will give an experience that is something different and unique, something that is not mainstream, something that is out of the box. After conducting some further researches, the designer came up with a project that will help revive our own industry of motion picture and at the same time, liven up the Philippine tourism. Disneyland served as an inspiration for the project. Walt Disney became more well-known after the construction of its own theme park. Thus, the designer proposes a Philippine Motion Picture Theme Park Complex. Theme parks make a great impact on people because of the fun and excitement they get. However theme parks are meant for entertainment and fun, but it can also be an instrument to promote and advertise, just like what Walt Disney did. This theme park complex aims to promote the Philippine motion picture industry and make it renowned. This project will help the Filipinos recognize and remember what their own industry of motion picture has to offer. The concept of the project is time travelling. Filipinos love to travel and entering the proposed theme park complex will bring them to different times and different places. The visitors will be able to visit the different settings of the Filipino films featured in the theme park complex. The main building, just like it was designed, will be the spaceship that will take the visitors to new, different worlds. Its futuristic design will encourage the people to enter the theme park complex and experience time travelling. The project is composed five (5) structures: a theme park, a hotel, a resort, a museum, and a theatre. The main feature, the theme park, is composed of Filipino films-inspired rides. The theme park will make the people experience what it feels like to be in those movies. It aims to make the visitors travel into a different time, place, and setting and make them feel like characters in those films. The hotel and resort of this project will not just be a resting place like those typical hotels and resorts. These structures will also be able to carry out the project’s main objective, the promotion of Philippine film industry, since they are Philippine motion picture-inspired. People go to these places not just to sleep or relax, they want a new experience. This theme park complex’s hotel and resort offers a different kind of escape from reality, an experience that the visitors will surely remember. The project’s goal is not just to entertain, but also to educate. The museum exhibits some Filipino films from different times that display the identity of the Philippine motion pictures. It also encompasses the history of Philippine motion picture industry as well as the great Filipino film artists and directors. All in all, this feature of the theme park complex will give a fun learning experience to the visitors. Lastly, since the project’s objective is to revive the Philippine industry of motion picture, it also consists of a theatre. Of course, live performances, plays and film-showings will be done here. This is where the visitors will see, hear, feel, and experience what Philippine motion picture industry has to offer. We do not easily remember something just by seeing or hearing it. Having a 4D experience of it will surely make a mark on us. This Philippine Motion Picture Theme Park Complex does not just make the visitors see the Filipino motion picture industry, it aims to make the people feel the heart of it. It wants to show the grandeur of our own film industry and make every Filipino proud of his outstanding ability in the field of motion pictures."


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First off, beautiful project, well composed, laid out, described, brilliant! My question lies within the forms of the buildings; what gave you the ideas for the inorganic forms?
by Joe Gallagher