Museum of Marine Life

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"Introduction: The purpose of the museum is making conversation between people and aquatic life through education , entertainment , amusing and science uses. It contains not only living species in sea but also kinds that was exist before . - The museum contains mega aquarium with tanks and Fossil & mummified department - The basement divided into two parts , one mechanical space which is supporting life for the mega aquarium and glass tanks around , the other part is the lab that is used for mummifying and fossil preservation works. - It was my graduation project ... There is still images i am working with ( lowering size of images ...) I upload some of theme and I will do more... - Structural concept : space frame with sky light and metal cladding ( I used copper ) - There is also a Laboratory of marine research and medical treatment for dolphins - Project Location North Lattakia city in syria. "


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This is a really interesting project! I think that separating the lab from the rest of the facility is a very definite move, however it could tie into the forms already created by the main museum. This will help to architecturally unite the buildings, even though they are completely separate. Awesome job!
by Cassie Pospishil

Hassan, as someone who typically doesn't like the gehry-like blob-itecture, I actually like the forms you have created here. I think the copper color and the blue glass give a great contrast to one another, which also highlights that these two nodes are major areas of interest for the site. The forms actually relate to what is going on beneath them, something that these designs tend to not do. I have a question regarding the composition of the laboratory space that is adjacent on the site, as it doesnt seem to have the same feeling to it as the rest of the site, which is very fluid. Was this an intentional design move on your part? Also, what programs were used to create your images and what was your interest in providing a use like this in this area of Syria? I am not familiar with that region, so it would be great to learn more. Great work!
by Joe Gallagher