thinking back, looking forward

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Project Image


"Submission for the AIA 2014 Competition: Philadelphia Athenaeum. Premise: To design an Athenaeum for 2050 that address the new, important technologies of information gathering and exchange within the architectural field. Intent: The spaces are divided into public and private zones. As the floors ascend, the information gathering methods and level of vocal exchange become simpler and quieter. Glimpse through floors and walls heighten the mysteriousness of the spaces beyond, while circulating natural light and ventilation. The outdoors intertwine with research, education and creative exchange. A lantern at the entry signifies its ongoing presence both past and present. "


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The concept here is wonderful: Progressing deeper into the building brings you closer to the textual, written knowledge witheld within the building. The project would be a very unique presence in a historical part of the city. Is there a view or views you were aiming towards capturing via the interior, by positioning the curtainwall primarily on the one corner? Great work!
by Joe Gallagher

Awesome Project! The mix of concrete, and wood really add a contemporary, yet warm feel to the project! The interior rendering is awesome! I wish the board layout, showed more of the view, but I like the composition overall!
by Zach Torento